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The Hitachi UH03 Hydraulic Excavator of Tsuchiura Works Certified as a Mechanical Engineering Heritage

The Hitachi UH03, the first hydraulic excavator developed by Japanese technology at the Tsuchiura Works, was certified as the “Mechanical Engineering Heritage No. 48” by the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers.

“Mechanical Engineering Heritage” is awarded to mechanical technology that has had a historical impact within Japan. The Hitachi Construction Machinery Group is honored to receive this award two years consecutively after the first domestic fork lift was designated as the “Mechanical Engineering Heritage No. 41” last year.

There were seven machines certified in fiscal 2011. These machines included the Type ED15 Electric Locomotive, which is the first in Japan to be manufactured by Hitachi, Ltd., and the Seikan Train Ferry and Moving Rail Bridge in Aomori Prefecture. Since the certification began in 2007, there have been 50 machines certified as Mechanical Engineering Heritage as of fiscal 2011.

UH03 from Tsuchiura Works certified as Mechanical
Engineering Heritage

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