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ConSite-e1443442690240ConSite is a consolidated solution service for linking to the customer and construction site.

Dealer - Japan

Former Service Sales Staff in Hitachi Construction Machinery Japan. (Currently he is working at Hitachi Construction Machinery Asia & Pacific Pte Ltd)


“Service Sales” role is to visit important customers to arrange best fit service plan of the month. In order to prevent the sudden machine down, we use the result of the machine check list, pictures and the working data to discuss the plan.

Because the ConSite monthly report contains essential operation information, we can pick the necessary information up from there even the situation is different machine by machine. For example, I am checking the following points with the monthly report.

  • I check the components more carefully when it having the higher load or hydraulic temperature is higher than the average.
  • I try suggesting the overhaul timing of attachments with the operation data.
  • Not only suggesting the service but also I may suggest the best fit model to suitable to the operation of our customer. When I see the machine having higher swing ratio, I may suggest the hybrid machine that may reduce the total operation cost of the customer.

With the ConSite data report, we can use our time more to talk with customers rather than searching the data. It’s nice that we can also check the report with iPhone quickly in between of the customer visits.

Mr. Iwakiri, Former Service Sales staff


Customer - Indonesia

Industry: Coal Mining Contractor
PT. Primacon Click for details

Customer - Indonesia

Industry: Forestry
PT. Kutai Chip Mill Click for details
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